Another 33rd São Paulo Biennial

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Project commissioned by the 33rd Biennial of São Paulo, 2018.

Beyond the official discourse, there are other possible ways of understanding an art biennial. With the collaboration of researcher Gabriel Pereira, programmer Bernardo Fontes, producer Nina Bamberg and designer Guilherme Falcão, I created alternative modes of comprehending the exhibition: AI analysis of the Biennial’s images; audio guide tracks with the commentary of guards, exhibit technicians, and cleaning workers; Biennial text’s extensions; unconventional recordings of the setup; records of the reactions of the public etc.

Departing from four purposely broad questions...

What is presence today?
What do non-experts have to say?
What reverberates?
And what is left?

... this project constitutes an alternative archive to that of the institution and investigates the stages of creation of the official discourse. Thus, researchers have access to a material that reveals part of the functioning of the art system and that stimulates experimental research on large-scale exhibition such as the São Paulo Biennial.

More informations in outra33.bienal.org.br

Presentation of the project at a seminar at the São Paulo Biennial (with English subtitles).
Please watch if you want to understand the project.

visit the official website of the project to see all the actions:

Action Decoded records: the official past.
Old images from the official archive of the Fundação Bienal are here interpreted by a set of artificial intelligences. The aim is to analyze how the understanding of the past is transformed when read by contemporary tools for the reading of images.

Action Decoded Records: construction of the spectacle.

Action Audio guide: more voices.

Action Coup d’État.

Workshop Potential Liberatory Visions of the 33rd Sao Paulo Biennial System ​(CAD+SR, Itaú Cultural), 2018.
With Christopher Bratton, Dalida Maria Benfield, Gabriel Pereira, Bernardo Fontes and Nina Bamberg.

Blind visits during the closed Biennial.

The biggest work of the 33rd São Paulo Biennial

In that wee hours  of October 21, Jota, Jotinha, Furto, Insana and filmmaker Glauber made a large unauthorized graffiti tagging on the Bienal building. In the morning of the following day, the institution erased the artistic intervention. We managed to find and talk with them.

Expanded texts: Textual content of the 33 Bienal expanded by its synonyms using techniques for creating fake news.

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