That's why the future fails

August 9, 2012

“Now all wealth is wealth for its own sake. There is no other kind of reality. Like the paintings, the money has also lost its narrative quality. The money is speaking for itself. Money makes time. It used to be the other way around. The clock accelerated the growth of capitalism. People have stopped thinking about eternity and only focus on hours. Measured hours, man-hours, using work more efficiently. Now time is a corporate asset. The gift is hard to find. It is being sucked out to make way for the unstoppable future of the market and investments. The future became insistent. So something will soon happen. Maybe today. You need to understand. This is a protest against the future. They want to postpone the future so as not to overwhelm the present. The future is always a totality, an equality, we are all happy with it. That's why the future fails.”

Eric Packer.