Affecting Technologies, Machining Intelligences

January 11, 2019

One of the most powerful events I had the honor of helping to organize (the 3-day seminar and set of workshops Affecting Technologies, Machining Intelligences - CAD+SR + GAIA / Inova USP + IEA USP) became a printed book and website.

The publication is divided into three sections (Imaginaries and countercurrents; Algorithms at work; and Image and intelligences) and brings powerful reflections from many good people who think critically about technology.

None of this would be possible without CAD+SR, this powerful network of affection and collaborative work between artists, researchers and activists that I have the joy to be part of. In this project I worked (and learned a lot) with Dalida María Benfield, Gabriel Pereira, Katherine Ye. You can buy the printed publication here.

More about the book:

“This publication serves as the careful record of just three days—a time when an unusual set of people was in the same room and started a conversation together so rich and urgent that we, as organizers, thought it deserved to be brought to a wider audience. Hence this book.

In these pages we collect the presentations and projects first presented at the Affecting Technologies, Machining Intelligences (AT/ MI) event, held from February 5-7, 2020 in São Paulo. This event brought together a diverse coalition of people whose work bridges technology, computing, art, and humanities/social research. Most of the invited guests were connected to the Global South, and/or decolonial, feminist, and Indigenous ways of thinking. They shared an activist and collaborative disposition, especially through participatory and performative ways of constructing knowledge, research, and artistic practice. Our event showcased their work with invited talks and provided time for collaboration via Q&A, discussion, and workshops.”

The design of the book is by Flávia Castanheira. The one on the website, by Astronaut Mechanic.