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Bruno Moreschi.

02 May, 24
Lecture: I've never been to Acapulco. But I like it there. Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Organized by Art and Time | Media, Dr. Axel Stockburger.

16-19 June, 24
EASST-4S 2024 Amsterdam, . Panel Experiments with Computer Vision: Transforming and Re-Envisioning Visual Data. Organized with Chrys Vilvang, Gabriel Pereira and Aikaterini Mniestri.

ZHdK - interview: The Humans Behind Machine Learning - How Machines Learn to See Our World

Bienal de São Paulo - interview: About the  participation on the 33rd Bienal, and reflections on technology

Working now:
Sept. 23 - June 24
Collegium Helveticum, joint Institute for Advanced Studies of ETH, University of Zurich, and ZHdK. Project: Acapulco – Seeing (through) Images from Large Scale Vision Datasets.

June 24 - March 25
LIAS - The Leuphana Institute for Advanced Studies, Leuphana University. More here.