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academic article: Anais do Museu Paulista journal (only in Portuguse)
O Museu Paulista está fechado para obras: revisões críticas e colaborativas da pintura Independência ou Morte, de Pedro Américo.

academic article: Photographies journal
Living with images for Large-Scale Data Sets: A Critical pedagogy for scaling-down

artist residency: CAD+SR and Casa do Povo, São Paulo
Technologies of Critical Conscientization

exhibition catalog: ZKM | Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe
BioMedia: The Age of media with life-like behavior

academic article: Media International Australia journal
We’ve always been antagonistic: algorithmic resistances and dissidences beyond the Global North 

essay, computer vision: Rosa magazine (only in Portuguese)
Quem vê?

academic article: Modos, Art History journal
Historical continuum and normatization in art collections and datasets

academic article: Digital Culture & Society journal
Images of Resistance: Thinking about Computer Vision AI in Surveillance Capitalism through Images of Marielle Franco

academic article: New Media & Society journal
Platform scams: Brazilian workers: experiences of dishonest and uncertain algorithmic management

academic article, visual essay: ARTMargins journal
_rt Moviments

artistic project, film: institutional refusals, Surveillance & Society journal

Future Moviment Future - REJECTED

academic article:  AI & Society journal
Artificial Intelligence and Institutional Critique 2.0: Unexpected Ways of Seeing with Computer Vision

academic article: Farol UFES journal
Computer Vision and the Van Abbemuseum Collection

book, workshops and website
Affecting Technologies, Machining Intelligences

artistic project: real virtual labour
Exch w/ Turkers

academic article: Contracampo UFF journal
The Brazilian Workers in Amazon Mechanical Turk: Dreams and realities of ghost workers

artistic project, film: ways of seeing
Recoding Art

academic article: RUUKKU - Studies in Artistic Research journal
Ways of Visiting: non-traditional and peripheral approaches to museums

artistic project: ways of understanding
Another 33rd Bienal de São Paulo

artistic project: museum entrance
The History of _rt

exhibition catalog: Espaço Cultural Marcantonio Vilaça, Brasilia

artistic project: shared authorship
After - Depois - Según

artistic project: "mere accessories"
The Museum is Closed for Renovations

artistic project: signed walls

artistic project: word by word
Author of Pierre Menard

artistic project: breaking boundaries
Normative frames

artistic project: contamination in museum libraries
Art Book

artistic project: artwork photography
Hire a professional

artistic project: theft of image theories
Theft and image

exhibition catalog: Funarte, São Paulo
Sem Título - Técnica mista, dimensões variadas

artistic project: status oscillation

artistic project: oral x visual

reportage, profile: piauí magazine (only in Portuguese)
Dentes descabelados: Enigmas e entrechoques nas obras de Tunga

reportage, profile: piauí magazine (only in Portuguese)
O Disforme: Com vidro, areia, sal, sabão, burros e urubus, Nuno Ramos tornou-se um dos mais respeitados artistas plásticos brasileiros