Future Moviment Future - REJECTED Audiovisual essay, HD, 9'39", 2021. W/ Gabriel Pereira and Pedro Gallego.
The story of a dystopian surveillance future that was barred by institutional refusal.

real virtual labour
Exch w/ Turkers
website, dialogues, 2020. W/ aarea and Group on Artificial Intelligence and Art (GAIA).
“Automatism” in AI is only made possible due to the wide employment of a human workforce – so let's hear the workers.

ways of seeing
Recoding Art
short movie, HD, 14'50", 2019. W/ Gabriel Pereira, supported by Deviant Practice, Van Abbemuseum.
Capitalism, glitches and institutional criticism 2.0 from a platform that centralized commercial AIs to read an art museum.

Beyond the official discourse
Another 33rd Bienal de São Paulo
Website, AI, video, images, sound, texts etc. Commissioned by the 33rd Art Biennial of São Paulo, 2018.
What is presence today? What do non-experts have to say? What reverberates? And what is left? Actions to expand the understanding of an Art Biennial.
data and exclusions
The History of _rt
pamphlets. Commissioned by Rumos Itaú Cultural Award and CAD+SR, 2017.
... is the area of human sciences in which there is a constructed narrative about the creation of objects and experiences produced mainly by men who are white European, or from the US, and painters (some of them, geniuses).

"mere accessories"
The Museum is Closed for Renovations
Paintings, interventions, 2014 - 2022.
A closed historical museum and the unavailability of its main painting as possibilities to rethink the participation of the people in History.
signed walls
There is no space for the wall painters in the art exhibition space they helped create.
shared authorship
After - Depois - Según

Exercise 1. W/ the artist Cristina Garrido and the curator Marta Ramos-Yzquierdo, 2016.
In Salón space, during the days of ARCO Madrid art fair, materials collected for one year and a photocopy machine were placed at the disposal of visitors who were able to make copies and interventions.
Quixote was “as thin as a letter”
Author of Pierre Menard
Ink on paper, 2015.

Drawing made letter by letter of the short storie Pierre Menard, Author of Don Quixote, by Jorge Luis Borges.

breaking boundaries
Normative frames
16 destroyed frames and print in papers, 2014.
Different ways to break the limits imposed by quadrants.
contamination in museum libraries
Art Book
Book etc., 300 pages, 2012 - 2014.
The book comprehends artists’ bios and 311 artworks by 50 fictitious artists – all of them created by myself based on clichés identified in 10 international encyclopedias for contemporary art.
artwork photography
Hire a professional
Digital prints on papers, 2014 - 2017.
The History of Art is not exclusively about objects and artistic experiences – it is also the history of its photographs.
theft of image theories
Theft and image
Photocopy and police report, 2016.
An unlocked car. Inside, books about photography.
status oscillation
The same defects that take away the utilitarian characteristic of nails turn them into objects of artistic interest.
oral x visual
Photocopies available to the public. W/ Camila Regis, 2011-2012.
15 spoken portraits of the artist’s face described by the same person to the last police sketch artists in Brazil.